SILLYMANDER in Clear Blue Sofubi from Max Toy Co x Monster Boogie

New SILLYMANDER cast in clear blue sofubi from Max Toy Co has been offered (first) to Max Toy Club members (WHAT/WHO) … and if you are wondering, this Yoshihiko Makino / @tttoy_makino-sculpted figure is the new upsized 3.25 inches long sofubi, not the Gacha-Maxx size!

Since listed as “Not Available” on, the item was priced at US$32.00 (excluding shipping). This piece was also made available at the recent weekend's “Osaka Soft Vinyl Expo”, according to Yo Miyamoto AKA “Monster Boogie” (@quackmaxx).

The Sillymander-sculpt was teased not long ago (above-left), which showed a flesh-colored opaque figure, but the newly released clear tint certainly gives it an elevated dimension!

Would you rather: (A) Clear color tints? or (B) Factory painted versions (if any)? I’m not listing “hand-painted by Mark Nagata”, because that trumps ALL colorways, doesn’t it? LOL

Sillymander Max Toy Co

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