CRAZYJOE (“The Clogged Caps” Series) by Clogtwo x Wetworks

Say “HELLO” to CRAZYJOE - one of the 5 x character crew from “THE CLOGGED CAPS” series of collectibles designed by local Urban Artist / Visual Engineer Clogtwo and sculpted by Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA “Wetworks”! Clogtwo added;
"We'll be working together to produce a series of these vicious little hooligans to trash your walls."
No further product nor release details revealed as yet (you are recommended to stay tuned to updates on Instagram @clog_two and @iamwetworks for updates).

FYI: You can see the designs of the other 4 x characters in their “enamel pin” versions - of which they are currently available to purchase for US$10 each!

This is not the first time the two indie powerhouses have collaborated, with the previously featured SHINIGAMI in recent memory, although seems “CrazyJoe” might be released earlier!


Source: @clog_two

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