1st Official Trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE Is NOW!

After a couple days of teasers and poster releases, the first official trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE has been unveiled, and I will have screen grabs galore soon … meanwhile, I basically lost my sh*t when the riff for The Beatles’ “Come Together” started blaring out into my headphones, it’s not even funny ... my eyes were pretty soaked even after watching it three times in a row...

Like, dude, who needs “Superman” when you have Aquaman riding up top the Batmobile, jumping into the Parademons in the sky! C’MON!

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Justice for all. #JusticeLeague in theaters November 17.

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PITCH BLACK Edition WAR MOUSE by Clogtwo x Mighty jaxx Available To Order Now!

ITEM: WAR MOUSE (PITCH BLACK) by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx
DESCRIPTION: 26cm / 10.24" tall Vinyl Art Collectible
QUANTITY: Limited Edition of 150
HOW MUCH / BUY WHERE: US$100 per / Purchase online now!

"Set in the dark days of pre-war where tension brewed and hell broke loose, everything was in a state of chaos. With two golden grenades and a menacing smile, this black-and-white War Mouse is all ready for the battle of his lifetime." (Check out my previous post with video promo!)

PANDA INK: MARATHON by Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx

ITEM: PANDA INK: MARATHON by Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx
DESCRIPTION: 4" (10cm) PVC Art Collectible
HOW MUCH / BUY WHERE: US$30.00 per / Purchase online here available now!

"Panda is back from his wonderful trip in the mountains and he’s now up for yet another extreme physical challenge — a 26-mile marathon! All ready to break a sweat again in his striking red headband and matching wristband, we are just as excited for this race of a lifetime as he is!

Do support him as he makes his way to the finish line.
Panda Ink is an original collection designed and developed by artist Cacooca and Mighty Jaxx."

GHOST IN THE SHELL: Trailer, Clip & Featurette

Ghost In the Shell Majors Apartment

A trio of GHOST IN THE SHELL-related newsery/videos to share today, featuring a Singapore trailer, a film clip, and a design featurette! And as well I am re-designing the #ghostintheshellfan dedicated fan-blog with oodles-MORE coverage!

30-seconds trailer for the GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film courtesy of UIP Singapore, for when it premieres on Singapore screens and in MAX 3D on March 30th, 2016.

First time I’m hearing a narrator/voiceover for this film (for me, at least) … Folks might forget that, as much as fans of the O.G. anime or manga are both familiar with the story (along with their very own opinions), there are perhaps legion of folks "out there" who might have zero memories or impressions of GITS, and might need some help in understanding the reasons why folks should want to plonk down cash for tickets and popcorn, come Premiere Day, besides recognising actress “Scarlett Johansson”, innit? :)

There is no need to wonder "WHY" Johansson was cast, in lieu of a "Japanese actress", the reasons are pretty clear cut, if you want them to be :)

As long as folks figure out these films are meant/made for “commercial gains”, and not to pander to our collective fandom, everything’ll be “easier” to swallow, IMHO.

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Here’s yet another clip titled “Deep Dive”, to add to the previous film clips - whereby The Major dives into the mecha-conciousness to investigate and nearly gets drowned in a sea of naysayers and negativity surrounding the live action feature film even before said film’s premiere … no, wait…

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A splendid behind-the-scenes featurette touring the Major’s Apartment, describing what you might not necessarily know more about the function of the space in the upcoming GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film, including a look at her “walk-in” weapons and “mecha-parts”! And that “door leads out to Hong Kong”? #NICE

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Amanda Visell’s “Winona Ryder”-themed Arcades Resin Sets - featuring “Lydia's Trouble With The Living” + “Veronica's Heathers”

Visell Cabinets
"We're all having a Winona Ryder obsession right? Good, its not just me. We have 2 new arcade sets oozing love for some of our favorite films. Your game choices are Veronica's Heathers and Lydia's Trouble With The Living. I hold the highest score on both." - shared Amanda Visell.
Amanda Visell Winona Ryder Cabinets

Both Cabinets are sized 6.5 x 2.75 x 3.75 inches, both are limited to 5pcs each, and both are priced at US$250 each. And both are available for purchase online via, and both are gloriously AWESOME. ’Nuff said.

Amanda Visell Winona Ryder Cabinets
Amanda Visell Winona Ryder Cabinets
Amanda Visell Winona Ryder Cabinets

Sorry, but I cannot NOT post this … :) Exclusive “Arctic Version” PELICAN’T from Joe Ledbetter

Kidrobot launches Joe Ledbetter’s PELICAN’T Medium Figure (BLOGGED), along with the reveal of a exclusive “Arctic Version” blue colorway of the 10 x 9 x 7 inch vinyl, limited to 200pcs worldwide! Score yours here for US$100 each.

"The Pelican’t is a medium sized vinyl figure depicting an airborne pelican “losing its lunch”. No, not because it’s sick, but because the poor pelican has leaks in its beak and the fish always seem to get away. I think we can all relate with getting close to an aspiration and watching it slip away just when we think it’s in our grasp." - Joe Ledbetter on

Source: Kidrobot

Skullhead Samurai Group Art Show March 24th Opening @ FLABSLAB

The Skullhead Samurai Group Art Show launched last night March 24th, and we have snaps and video from @iskandhar_sharil (Used With Kind Permission) to share!

All the customs (with pricing) are currently listed online at (enquiries to, and the show will exhibit thru April 7th @ FLABSLAB (Monday to Friday / 10am-7pm). Hope to see these babies for myself early next week too!

I’d asked Iskandhar for his favourite customs, which was no doubt JPK x J*RYU’s, followed by 2PetalRose’s, and Jan Calleja’s Moonlight Samurai - All customs have since been listed as SOLD!

Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA @iamwetworks was also on-hand with hand-painting “live” a Skullhead Samurai cross-over with his Bobett collectible (produced by FLABSLAB).

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - New Posters & 1/6 #SpiderMan (Homemade Suit Version) from Hot Toys

Two posters for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING has been revealed within a span of a day, with SPIDER-MAN in full-suit against the side of the Avengers Tower (@SpiderManHomeco), and Spidey taking a break, with the Avengers Tower in the background (@TomHolland1996), with the tagline ”Homework can wait, New York can't.” … funny tho, as the first time I glimpsed at the picture, I’d thought I saw the number “4” on the power instead, remembering my comicbook stories of Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four (at Baxter Building) instead! … aaaahhh thy faded memories… LOL

As well announced by Hot Toys is SPIDER-MAN (HOMEMADE SUIT VERSION) in 1/6th-scaled, with the head-sculpt of actor “Tom Holland” (as “Peter Parker”) being blurred out for the moment, no doubt awaiting licensor’s approval, with this collectible scheduled for a 3rd to 4th quarter release.

Spider-Man Homecoming Hot Toys
HOT TOYS PRESS: "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is officially home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The young Peter Parker was introduced in Captain America: Civil War last year and his surprising appearance has made fans hungry for more. This summer, the webslinger will swing back into action, juggling his budding superhero career with frantic high school life in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As fans everywhere are counting down to the release of the movie, Hot Toys is excited to announce the beloved 1/6th scale collectible figure of Spider-Man wearing his homemade outfit!

Expertly crafted based on Tom Holland's appearance in the movie, the Spider-Man (Homemade Suit Version) collectible figure features a newly developed Peter Parker head sculpt as well as a masked head sculpt with 3 sets of interchangeable eyepieces for making a variety of facial expressions. It also comes with a finely tailored outfit with web-shooters, an assortment of spider-web shooting effect parts, and a specially designed dynamic figure stand with movie logo."
(Individual images and full-specs HERE on Facebook)
Special features of the 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Homemade Suit Version) Collectible Figure:
- Authentic and detailed likeness of Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Homecoming
- One (1) head sculpt with authentic likeness of Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the movie
- One (1) masked head sculpt with three (3) sets of interchangeable eyepieces
- Specialized body with over 30 points of articulation
- Approximately 28.5cm tall
- Eight (8) interchangeable hands in fingerless gloves, including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of open palms
- One (1) pair of hands for web-shooting
- One (1) left hand for holding spider web
- One (1) right hand for holding the mask
- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

- One (1) red zip-up hoodie vest with the Spider-Man symbol printed across the chest
- One (1) light blue sweatshirt with wrist-mounted web-shooters
- One (1) pair of light blue sweatpants
- One (1) pair of red socks
- One (1) pair of red shoes

- One (1) Spider-Man mask (not wearable on figure)
- One (1) open spider web effect accessory
- Five (5) strings of spider web in different shapes and lengths, attachable to the web-shooters
- One (1) specially designed dynamic figure stand with movie logo

- Head Sculpted by Jae-sung, Eom
- 3D Design by Da-hye, Kim
- Painted by JC. Hong
- Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

Release date: Q3 – Q4, 2017

**Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval
**Product details are subject to change without further notice

JUSTICE LEAGUE Character Teasers, Posters & #UniteTheLeague Viral

A series of 5 x 15 second teasers for the members of JUSTICE LEAGUE has since been unleashed (in anticipation of the “exclusive” trailer launch happening Saturday March 25th in the U.S.), alongside individual Character Posters, which had lead to a singular poster featuring (above, left-to-right) Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash (*All URL linked to my #DCEUFilms blog for invidiaul character features).


Take your photo and give it metahuman powers at #JusticeLeague

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All this promo next led to the website - whereby you are prompted to “Join The League” by taking a photo of yourself and “giving it metahuman powers” … very interestingly too, is the 6th square/currently blank spot (far right), which no doubt will be “Superman’s”, for when the time is ripe to announce his addition tho … which I suspect too be from this Saturday’s trailer? :)

Unite The League
(Above: Website screen-grab)


A Closer Look at Customs by JonPaul Kaiser x JRYU for SKULLHEAD SAMURAI Group Art Show

The doors to FLABSLAB will open is a short few hours tonight for when the Skullhead Samurai Custom Art Show is launched, and we take a slightly closer look at the entries from Jon-Paul Kaiser x J*RYU, along with a little “explanation” of the customs, thanks to JPK - who in fact was the co-designer for the original “Skullhead Samurai” vinyl figure with Huck Gee, produced by Pobber Toys, released at STGCC 2016!

TOYSREVIL: How did the collaboration concept with Jryu come about? Which came first - The Collaboration or the Story?
JONPAUL KAISER The collaboration came about first, JRYU and I had talked at length about our ideas for this industry and scene. He has an incredible mind for both aesthetics and concept, really driving what the boundaries are for what a toy can be and how to push for a deeper narrative to expand the meaning beyond just the way a figure looks.

#pobbertoys #skullheadsamurai #jonpaulkaiser #huckgee @jryuart x @jonpaulkaiser

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JRYU: ”Both parts of this set were constructed and sculpted in Los Angeles, then shipped to London for the masterful paintwork, and then finally to Singapore for the exhibition. Between the two sets there are 32 separate elements that make up the scenes, made from expoxy, wood, plastic and paper in addition to the base vinyl figure.

The praying female was sculpted from scratch and the lanterns encase flickering battery-powered candles. While it may seem like there are two separate characters featured between the two sets, there is actually only one entity featured in our narrative. Lastly, look closely at the crest to reveal our little imprint on these pieces. Hope that you enjoy this piece, thank you for checking it out.”

TOYSREVIL: I did not realise until I saw the video (from @davidthekiller) that there were actually two figures! I thought it was a singular custom with articulated hands! For all intents and purposes, are the characters one and the same?

What’s their story? In fact, if there were a “sequential” aspect to the two custom sets, which figure/set comes first?

JONPAUL KAISER: The two parts are sections of the story; in the first the female figure is in prayer, her ancestral armour and weapons stacked behind her as she calls upon the strength of her forebears. The second scene she is wearing the armour, empowered with the co fiction that her ancestors are with her as she prepares to do battle.

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(Additional splendid pics & video by @davidthekiller)

More Awesomeness & Website Launch for 「DYNAMIC 豪!50!GO!」 #GONAGAI50th ANNIVERSARY

GO NAGAI 50 www

Since my last feature, the website celebrating 50th Dynamic Pro / Go Nagai has since launched - featuring a slew of products available, including of course collectibles from indie artists - including Shoko Nakazawa, Konatsu, UAMOU, DAN, P.P.PUDDING and strong support from Medicom Toy!

As well there are a few unlisted but definitely worth your attention and dollars, including Max Toy Co’s special Lady Darkness (painted in a Cutie Honey homage), UAMOU’s Mazinger Z and Devilman Uamous, and Teresa Chiba! And these are the limited runs, excluding a slew of customised one-offs - including that magnificent Devilman Negora from KONATSU!!!

Available only in Japan (no news for online sales, beyond prices and product description/quantity mentioned on the website), and no doubt online soon via secondary resellers, you’d do well to sort out your helpful friends and mules, for when the doors open March 25th, til the event ends March 30th Thursday! The event is located at SEIBU Ikebukuro Main Store (*at the Seibu Gallery on the second floor).

(Additional images via jme7315)

AVMV x Bwana Spoons One-Off Resin Releases

Bwana Spoons is currently offering one-off hand-painted versions of AVMV (Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura) resin releases on - including Bats on Decks, Mole, Foxes and all-kinds of splendidness of indie artist-crossovers utilising the unique visual aesthetics of the artists, I felt compelled to upload images of on THIS Facebook post (sorry, I’m a brute :p).

Each one-off is priced at US$130, and I’d recommend you not dally for long in your purchasing considerations.

Everyone's excited to find their new homes. 10am pacific on Gravy Toys AVMV Magic.

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Nearing the finish line for tomorrow morning 10am release AVMV magic

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Time for a tea break

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AVMV Magic is up now at Gravy Toys. Helloooo Thursday

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Gorillaz To release new album “Humanz” on April 28th

In anticipation of their new album release, “Humanz” - out April 28 (Pre-order / stream), Gorillaz unleashes a quartet of tracks from said album, one of which is a full-on music video titled “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)”, featuring Popcaan, a Jamaican dance hall artist.

You can check out the three other “Art Tracks” since featured here on #tunestalk!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.03.00 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.03.09 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.03.18 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.03.25 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.03.31 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.05.39 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.05.53 PM
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.06.05 PM

The MV was directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced by Cara Speller, with Passion Pictures Animation producing, in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories … and experience SATURNZ BARZ (SPIRIT HOUSE) in 360º view!

Follow Gorillaz:

This will be Gorillaz’s 5th studio album, 6 years since their last “The Fall” (2011). Beyond their music, and pop culture crossover status, I still fondly remember their collectible figures released by Kidrobot circa 2006 … and thinking how awesome it would be to have a new updated collectible release with KR celebrating a decade since the first release with a “grown up” Noodle too! *nudge~nudge*


A Closer Look at MOONLIGHT SAMURAI Custom & Interview with Jan Calleja

Moonlight Samurai by Jan Calleja

Launching tomorrow March 24th is the first ever Skullhead Samurai Custom Show, curated by Jake Lee of Pobber Toys, with the exhibition hosted by FLABSLAB. We’ve had a look at the amazing customs & work-in-progress pieces for the show thus far, and today we take a closer look at the the fantastic “MOONLIGHT SAMURAI” from Jan Calleja, and as well have a little online chat with him about his inspirations and process for this build!

Don’t forget to check out more of his work covered #onTOYSREVIL, and as well his and!

“MOONLIGHT SAMURAI” by Jan Calleja will be available for purchase at the show!

(Above-left: Original Figure / Above-right: Initial Concept Sketch)

TOYSREVIL: What was your concept for the custom? Has it changed from your initial concept to final version? Or was it laser-focused all the way?
"JAN CALLEJA: The concept is a car-inspired design mixed with the original Skullhead Samurai toy. The only change that happened was during the first week of build. I usually have this stage as I really don’t do a definitive design from the start. I just have the story, or idea and from there I adjust as I go along. It might be because of availability of materials or ... perhaps a better way to execute the idea."

TOYSREVIL: Walk us through your customisation process for this piece, please :)
JAN CALLEJA: Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have a blueprint design for this build also. After the ideation process, the first thing I did was revise some shapes at the side of the head to make way for a more car-fender-look ... but not too much as to alter the silhouette of the original head. Then came the stage where I changed direction of the build.

I planned to make it a long-robed samurai with a car-inspired head ... but ... I thought why not go on an all-out machine looking car-inspired samurai execution? Hence the boosters, exclusion of legs, and appropriation of the former head ornament into a sort of wing at the back.

TOYSREVIL: Vehicular Epicness and your works are inseparable, and is a hallmark of your art, IMHO. Was there any specific vehicle on your mind when you designed "Moonshine Samurai"?
JAN CALLEJA: Yes, it's the Oldsmobile (custom) rocket. This got my attention while at the local hobby shop. I thought the shape and feel of the car was perfect for my narrative, and for this beautifully designed platform toy.

TOYSREVIL: Any particular reason for the name “Moonlight Samurai”?
JAN CALLEJA: When I got the blank toy, I thought to myself, wow, a Filipino customizing a Japanese inspired samurai toy, designed by two western dudes. Hmmmm :)

Offhand I can always play with the "Samurai" design and just decorate it with my style ... but I thought maybe we can also play with the story of the whole exercise of ME customizing this toy ha ha ha. The "me", who doesn’t even drive, make a car-inspired design on a blank toy inspired by a Japanese icon ... and so on.

I first thought of the Italian Spaghetti Westerns or something to that effect. Some sort of bootlegging is in the story ... but none of the mediocrity attached to it. Until I saw the car at the local hobby shop and how I read before that it was used to run moonshine liquor. The shape. The story. The bad-assery attached to it. That was it.

The bootlegging narrative became the car that inspired me to juxtapose with Huck's and JPK's Skullhead Samurai. The former negative (personal) connotation became an homage to the duo's perfectly shaped vinyl toy.

TOYSREVIL: To call this a “showroom ready” piece of art is an understatement! What do YOU think of your own custom?
JAN CALLEJA: First of all, thank you very much for your kind words, Andy :) Well, aside from some changes at the onset of the build I'm quite happy with the way this turned out. This project presented some opportunities to try new production I used a different (but not new) paint technique, hence a noticeable "showroom ready" finish ... and some cool finishing stuff I recently learned from local scale model enthusiasts :)

Thank you very much! :)
Moonlight Samurai by Jan Calleja
Moonlight Samurai by Jan Calleja
Moonlight Samurai by Jan Calleja
Moonlight Samurai by Jan Calleja

(“Skullhead Samurai” is originally designed by JonPaul Kaiser x Huck Gee and produced by Pobber Toys)
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